Whats on my Podcatcher?

What are my current favourite podcasts?

  1. Mysterious Universe – Brilliant podcast covering pretty much every aspect of the paranormal, but not overly serious and no signs of any tin foil hats!
  2. Linux Outlaws – Superbly fun podcast, covering the latest news in the Linux, Open source and free software world with the (more than) occasional rant from Fab.
  3. Ubuntu UK Podcast – Another easy going Linux (Ubuntu centric) podcast, good bunch of presenters, covers the latest news in the Ubuntu world.
  4. Little Atoms – A very interesting podcast, each cast is an interview with highly intelligent folks, mainly science based but not always.
  5. TDTRS – The Dick Turpin Roadshow, another Linux/Free software based podcast but very entertaining.
  6. BBC Click – Technology focussed podcast from the BBC, fairly low tech level but interesting nonetheless.
  7. Rathole Radio – Music based podcast, not mainstream music but collected from around the web. Creative commons music features highly in this cast, presented by Dan who is also from Linux Outlaws(2).
  8. Little Atoms Road Trip – Spin off from the Little Atoms (4) podcast, featuring interviews Neil Denney recorded during a road trip through the US.
  9. Corsten’s Countdown – Trance DJ Ferry Corstens weekly podcast showcasing his radio show with a top 3 based on web voting from the previous week.
  10. A State of Trance – as above (9) but with Armin van Buuren

I do listen to a few others but these seem to take precedence. Numbers 1 and 2 are pretty much joint first, but depends on  my mood. I will always push them both to the top of the playlist when they are downloaded.

If anyone is interested I listen to these using BeyondPod on my Android phone.