My contribution to the consultation team/my MP regarding government “adult” filtering

Here’s my two pence worth in the argument against government driven “adult” filtering on the internet I’ve sent a copy to the consultation team via the open rights group and also to my local MP.

I am raising my concerns about the proposal for network filtering of adult content and default blocking.

I believe that filtering should be an opt in feature offered by ISP’s, this feature should have a vetting process and be request driven using open standards and lists viewable by the userbase.

Those that don’t opt in should be allowed to filter at their own risk.

This will allow the full freedom of speech/information that is the driving force behind the internet.

If this is not allowed to happen, the minority who use the internet for “other” reasons will be forced deeper underground.

As they say where there is a will there is a way. and oh you can guarantee there is always a way.

Just to clarify, I am a parent of a young child and the content of the internet scares the hell out of me… But I understand the need of openness and that it is my responsibility (not the governments) to monitor my childs access to information.

I’m fortunate enough to be technical also, which will allow me to choose my method of filtering for my child..

But that is the operative word “CHOICE”.