Potentially another couple of Linux Users

So I’m forever raving about how good Linux is to the guys at work, it seems that over the last 18 months or so my rants have been getting louder/stronger. Well it seems that its starting to work. I’ve been showing off my shiny Gnome3 desktop to them over the last year or so, and although impressed it still wasn’t Windows 7, or more importantly was no good for playing games. I’ve shown them games playing under Wine before now, but I dunno, something just didn’t click.

Well after my recent paradigm shift from Fedora to Ubuntu (Gnome to Unity) I gave it another go this morning.. “Ooh shiny”, “It’s just like 7” were some of the responses. “No its nowt like 7” I quickly corrected and showed him why… Anyway, it seems to have hit home, looks like they were wanting the shiny shiny element and to be fair I understand that, how do you think Apple generated so many sheep customers.

So the conversation then resulted, as it usually does, in talking about playing games. Running through the usual appdb.winehq.org list of games that run (or little that don’t), “ooh half life 2”,  “ooh Civilisation 5″… Did I mention Steam was coming to Linux? let alone the fact it already works pretty well under wine.

I’m happy for another day… My work here is done.