Well I just happened across my about page during a theme rejig, yeah it was out of date. Time to change that!

A while ago I decided to rekindle the idea of writing a blog, it was a visit to OggCamp and seeing everyones muses on being there that spurred me on to do just the same. A few years (and a few OggCamp, and other events) later here we are with various tech based ramblings.

About me? Well my name is Jon I’m a tech geek, I’ve been using computers longer than I can remember, a Tandy TRS-80 or CoCo (Color Computer) was my first



I really cut my teeth on the Sinclair Spectrum, having various models throughout the 80’s and a ton of adapters and gizmos for it, it was these adapters and gizmos that interested me over the games though figuring out what else could be done with this fabulous piece of kit.

Next up was the Amiga, again all-sorts of attachments hanging off it from CD-ROMs to Hard disk adapter modification, I even remember running a serial connection between mine and my brothers bedroom and having OctaMed sync the music tracks of the two.

After a while of denial that the PC had actually beaten the Amiga, and pretty much all other home computer system – it was a while, Commodore had been bought by Escom who had subsequently gone to the dogs and went bankrupt, so around 1996 I bought my first PC a uber beast of a machine – 486 DX4 100 with 4mb of RAM, oh and it also had a monochrome monitor.

Windows 95 was all the rage at this point, but I was still using Win 3.1 (or 3.11 at college) and having tried Win 95 a few times and thinking it was pretty rubbish I ended up trying out a cover disk with Red Hat Linux 4 on which changed everything. I still had to use Windows for a few years what with college and work, and the desktop version of Linux just not being that great, but as a server I put it everywhere I could. Fast-forward the best part of 20 years and take out the Windows part and here we are, still tinkering still hacking and still a tech geek!

I hope you enjoy reading my brain dumps, thanks for stopping by.

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